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William's experience

William is 59 years old and suffers from gout and has had recurrent lower leg ulcers for 5 years.

He has been treated by many people, all of which have been unsuccessful, and has resorted to dressing these himself because it was becoming too expensive to see someone to to do this.

Hear about William’s experience with ConvaCare Clinics and how it helped him have a better quality of life through the journey.

Our Reviews

Hear from our patients and families

Mr Lee

“I was at ConvaCare Clinics for my foot wound dressing. Sisters, Jocelyn and Huei Li were very warm, professional and attentive. Their assessments and treatment processes were very thorough, and my wound was very well taken care of!”

Mr. Goh

“Excellent service by staff Margaret. Very happy and comfortable with her service. Sister Jocelyn and Nurse Huei Li were very caring too.”

Mdm. Ng

“ All the staff are Excellent, Caring, Professional.”