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Clinical Expertise

Trained professionals in wound and stoma care

Solution™ Protocol

Clinical outcomes provided to our patients via systematic assessments and protocols

Healing Space

Designed for providing a unique patient-centric and service-oriented healing environment

Value Based Care

Striving to deliver health economic benefits for all stakeholders

How can ConvaCare Clinics Help?

Professional Experts

Highly skilled, professional team of wounds & stoma care specialists with treatment plans & protocols based on international guidelines

Make Care Plans Together

To Support diverse care requirements, we provide on-site, on-demand care services at clinics, home and institutions

Continued Care Support

We will support you throughout your journey with timely updates on your treatment plan and progression

How does ConvaCare Clinics Work?

Contact ConvaCare Clinics

Call us at +65 6250 0596 or contact us directly on WhatsApp and learn more about our services and how ConvaCare Clinics specialists can help

Make Care Plans Together

We will work closely with you to develop a personalized care plan based on your health status, care requirements and wound or stoma conditions

Personalized Care Begins

ConvaCare Clinics specialists will be dedicated to help you lead the life you want through our systematic assessments and protocols

Book an appointment

Alternatively email us at or give us a call at +65 6250 0596