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Let our team of certified Nurse specialists provide comprehensive wound and stoma care in the comfort of your home

Wound Care

At ConvaCare Clinics we specialise in the comprehensive treatment of low, medium and high complexity wounds.

  • Wound assessment 
  • creation of treatment plan
  • Wound site cleaning
  • Wound site debridement
  • Wound dressing
  • Care giver training
  • Ongoing support and education

Stoma Care

Specialised ostomy care begins before the surgery and continues throughout the postoperative and rehabilitative period and for as long as the patient has an ostomy.

Our experienced nurses are trained to provide comprehensive stoma care.

  • Stoma site assessment
  • Stoma dressing and application of relevant care products
  • Change of stoma bag & appliances
  • Ostomy teaching
  • Ostomy counselling services
  • Ostomy services for complicated stoma


Home Care for the non-ambulatory

Reduce the need for hospital visits

Comfort and privacy

Convenient scheduling

Managed costs

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